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OUR BRAND The olive tree has been the symbol of long and healthy life, abundance, wealth, holiness and peace in mythology and many civilizations. It takes care and patience to raise this tree. It grows in 20 years and grows stronger as it gets older. With good care it gives product for hundreds of years. ''What smells like a nice olive oil? "they asked to me one day. I couldn't figure out what the questioner wanted to find in the taste and smell of olive oil that day. Since olive is a fruit, the olive oil must smell beautiful olives. There is nothing more natural than that.'' says Ahmet Selim Kantarcı Ayvalik geographic region is a very special region that produces beautiful olive and olive oil by its natural and soft climatic conditions and the quality of the soil. It has already been known as a trademark by world for hundreds of years. Ayvalik Chamber of Commerce has taken its geographical registration with its valuable works and put it into practice. Tadım panels have been created and another official step has been taken on its recognition. Our products are supported by a hologram, which is a proof and indication of this registration, and separated from its imitations. I would like to point out that sales without holographic packaging will not reflect the features of Ayvalik olive oil. Ayvalik is a very special region with natural wonders, historical monuments, architecture, culture, lifestyle, tolerance, sea, fish, islands and production processes. Our passion for olige oil and olive has started 150 years ago in the village of Skopelos in Mittilini. Our grandfathers have immigrated to Ayvalık during the grand Exchange between 1922 and 1923. They have settled here and kept the olive oil business going. By the time their olive oil and olives became popular as the high quality products and amazing taste. In 1948 Ömer Faruk Kantarcı has officially started the company. After his sudden and unfortunate death, his son Ahmet Selim Kantarcı took the control and created SELME brand. Ahmet Selim Kantarcı is a great olive oil expert and one of the founder of UZZK (National Olive and Oil Council) and wise president. Since 2013 his daughter Selin Kantarcı Coşkun and Ahmet Selim Kantarcı have been working together. SELME has been winning lots of quality prizes nationally and internationally. Our newest prize was the 2nd pace of World famous Mario Solinas Natural Extra Virgin Olive oil Prize / Turkey.

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